Cullowhee Community Planning Area

Cullowhee is an unincorporated community located in the center of Jackson County and is the home of Western Carolina University (WCU). The University is nestled in a valley and situated along the Tuckasegee River. As the community of Cullowhee is unincorporated, the growth and development has been located on the immediate outskirts of the University, although the community boundaries are undefined.

The development regulations for the Cullowhee Community Planning Area can be found by clicking on the “Cullowhee Zoning Ordinance” icon as well as the zoning map by clicking on the “Cullowhee Zoning Map” icon.

Cullowhee Zoning Ordinance

      Cullowhee Zoning Map       

  Cullowhee Small Area Plan  

Proposed Amendments

Cullowhee Community Planning Area Section 9.4.4

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